Overview for Prospective Mentors

Mentoring Benefits

Personal fulfillment: Mentors experience a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment from helping someone else achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

Professional development: Mentoring offers Mentors an opportunity to develop their leadership and coaching skills.

Networking: Mentoring relationships can also lead to new networking opportunities.

Learning and growth: Mentors may also learn new things from these engagements, as they are exposed to the Mentees perspectives and ideas.

Legacy-building: Mentoring is a great way to have a positive impact as you develop the generation of professionals in your industry or field.

Personal growth: Mentoring often provides opportunities to (further) develop listening skills, patience and empathy.

Compensation: With mentor2execs, you receive fair compensation for your time. Having a large bench of available Mentors to meet the demand of our clients is important, so mentor2execs only takes a minimal portion of the fee collected (for administration, systems, training, etc.)

Mentoring offers as many rewards to the Mentor as to the Mentee

Mentor Qualifications

Experience: A Mentor must have a record of attainment and significant experience at senior leadership levels in your field or industry.

Empathy: A Mentor has to be able to understand and relate to their Mentee's situation, challenges and goals.

Active listening: A Mentor should be a good listener and able to ask clarifying questions in order to fully understand their Mentee's circumstances, needs, concerns and questions.

Supportive: A Mentor should be supportive and encouraging, providing constructive feedback and helping the mentee to build their confidence.

Open & Honest: A Mentor must be able to speak frankly with a Mentee about their own failures, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement that they have faced in their careers in order to help the Mentee identify their own and develop a plan to address them.

Trustworthy: A Mentor must be able to maintain confidentiality in order to create a safe and secure environment for the Mentee.

Positive attitude: Mentors should display a positive attitude, providing inspiration and motivation for the Mentee to achieve their goals.

Available & Present: A Mentor should be available to the Mentee during scheduled meetings and conduct the meetings in a distraction-free environment.

Mentors should possess and demonstrate these key traits and attributes

mentor2execs Application & Onboarding Process

  1. Upload your resume

  2. Complete the Mentor application

  3. Upon application approval, complete your Mentor Profile

  4. Receive access to the mentor2execs Mentor training program

  5. mentor2execs' proprietary matching algorithm will identify potential Mentees as they become available

  6. Approve a proposed Mentee match

  7. Upon Mentee's approval, provide proposed schedule for mentoring sessions

  8. Begin your mentoring journey!

Streamlined process to qualify and gather data for Mentee pairing