mentor2execs was founded to provide access to all to mentoring and coaching services from senior level executives

About Us

Our founder benefited greatly from the coaching efforts of some outstanding Mentors over the course of his career. As his career grew, he recognized that these Mentors had provided him with so much that had positively impacted his career and mentoring become a personal passion for him: establishing mentoring programs at several companies where he was a part of the leadership team and engaging in dozens of personal mentoring relationships as a way of paying-it-forward for all of the effort his own personal Mentors had put into developing him.

mentor2execs was established to provide on-demand, short-term mentoring services based his belief that:

  • mentoring was one of the most fulfilling things he had done in his career;

  • coaching and mentoring relationships such as those he had benefitted from weren't available to everyone;

  • the timing of having a Mentor doesn't always match up with the need for career counseling and advice;

  • many Mentors may not have the time for a long-term, ongoing mentoring relationship, but still want to have a positive impact on their field or industry by developing others.

About Our Logo

Our logo was chosen to convey three symbolic messages. The first is found in the image of one person extending a hand and helping another to rise to new heights. If you look closely, you can see the person above leaning forward, making a significant effort to meet the person below, which embodies the spirit of a true Mentor. The second, in the same image, demonstrates that the person below is making a strong effort to move upward, not relying on the person above to move them, but to provide support and assistance to their own efforts. Finally, the third piece of symbolism is in the use of all lower case letters in the logo. Although we do capitalize "Mentor" throughout our site as a sign of respect to Mentors, the use of lower case letters in the logo is meant to represent the humility that is a key character trait in successful executives (and the Mentors that have shaped their careers).

About Our Veteran Outreach Program

Founded by a veteran and aware of the challenges faced by veterans transitioning to the civilian workplace, mentor2execs is committed to providing a limited number mentoring and career counseling engagements free of charge to U.S. military veterans. We offer these services on a first-come, first-served basis every quarter and commit up to 10% of our paid engagements from the previous quarter to this charitable effort (e.g., if we had 80 engagements in the previous quarter, we will make 8 engagements available for service members that complete the application process.) If you qualify and are interested in applying for one of these pro bono engagements, please complete the application form here.